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As rideshare and delivery services continue to gain popularity in Florida, more and more people are considering becoming drivers for these companies. It can be an exciting opportunity to earn extra income and have a flexible work schedule.

However, before diving into this line of work, it’s crucial to understand the importance of having proper car insurance coverage and how rideshare insurance differs from regular car insurance. As a rideshare or delivery driver, you’ll need to have specific coverage that goes beyond what is required for regular drivers in Florida.

Read on for more details on how being a rideshare or delivery driver affects your car insurance and the insurance of fellow drivers.

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What Is Required Rideshare Insurance?

As a rideshare or delivery driver in Florida, you’ll need to have specific coverage that goes beyond what is required for regular drivers. One of the key requirements is having liability coverage, which covers damages or injuries you may cause to others while driving.

Rideshare and delivery companies typically provide liability coverage while you’re on the job, but this coverage may not be sufficient in all cases. That’s why it’s crucial to have personal liability coverage as well to ensure you’re fully protected.

Florida also requires all drivers to have personal injury protection (PIP) coverage as part of the No Fault law, which covers medical expenses and lost wages if you’re injured in an accident, regardless of who was at fault.

In addition to liability and PIP coverage, Florida also requires all drivers to have property damage liability coverage. This covers damages to someone else’s property that you may cause while driving.

For rideshare and delivery drivers, the required coverage amounts can vary depending on whether you have a passenger or delivery item in the car.

If you’re driving for a rideshare company and have a passenger in the car, you’ll need to have at least $1 million in liability coverage. If you’re delivering items, you’ll need to have at least $50,000 in liability coverage per incident. It’s important to make sure you have the proper coverage amounts to avoid any gaps in coverage that could leave you financially vulnerable.


Your Rideshare App Status Influences Your Rideshare Insurance Requirements

If a rideshare or delivery driver chooses to purchase a specialized insurance policy or add a rideshare endorsement to their personal auto insurance policy, coverage can differ across four distinct stages.

Period 0

When the driver is using their car for personal reasons and the app is off, their regular auto insurance policy provides coverage.

Period 1

When the driver has turned on the rideshare or delivery app and is waiting for a ride request, their personal rideshare insurance policy would typically provide coverage. Some limited liability coverage may also be provided by the rideshare or delivery company, such as Uber or Lyft.

Period 2

The rideshare or delivery company’s insurance is generally in effect when the driver has been paired with a passenger and is on their way to pick them up. Some personal rideshare insurance policies may also extend coverage during this period.

Period 3

Once a passenger or delivery item is in the car, the rideshare or delivery company’s commercial auto insurance is in force. After the passenger or delivery item is dropped off, the driver returns to Period 1 until the next ride request.

Rideshare and delivery drivers need to understand these distinct stages of coverage to ensure they have the proper insurance protection at all times. Uber and Lyft and other companies may also have specific requirements as well, so before you start driving, make sure you’ve done your research.

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Additional Rideshare Insurance to Consider

In addition to the coverage required by Florida law, there are several additional types of coverage that rideshare and delivery drivers should consider.

Comprehensive coverage can protect against non-collision events like theft, vandalism, or weather-related damage. This coverage can be especially important for rideshare and delivery drivers who rely on their vehicles for their livelihood. Uninsured motorist coverage is highly recommended so that you’re covered against other drivers’ lack of coverage.

Collision coverage can also be a wise investment, as it covers damage to your vehicle in the event of a collision with another vehicle or object. Umbrella policies meanwhile can provide additional liability coverage above and beyond what is included in your auto insurance policy.

This can be especially important for rideshare and delivery drivers, as they may be at a higher risk of accidents due to the nature of their work.

Effect of Rideshare and Delivery Work on Insurance Rates

Being a rideshare or delivery driver can affect your auto insurance rates, as insurers view these jobs as higher risk than regular driving. This is because rideshare and delivery drivers spend more time on the road and may be more likely to be involved in accidents. Insurers may also consider the fact that rideshare and delivery drivers are carrying passengers or valuable items, which can increase the severity of accidents.

As a result, insurance rates for rideshare and delivery drivers may be higher than those for regular drivers. However, there are ways to potentially reduce insurance costs as a rideshare or
delivery driver.

For example, some insurers offer specialized insurance policies that are tailored specifically to rideshare and delivery drivers. These policies can provide the necessary coverage while potentially reducing overall insurance costs. Additionally, practicing safe driving habits and maintaining a clean driving record can help keep insurance rates low.

Even if you aren’t a rideshare or delivery driver, you’ve probably noticed higher car insurance rates lately. Many rideshare and delivery drivers do not have the adequate amount of insurance, and the more underinsured drivers on the road, the higher premiums everyone will see.


Get the Florida Auto Insurance You Need from Brown Insurance

As a rideshare or delivery driver in Florida, it’s essential to have the right car insurance coverage to protect yourself and your passengers.

Navigating the complex world of car insurance can be challenging, which is why it’s important to work with experienced insurance professionals who can guide you through the process.

At Brown Insurance Services, we specialize in helping our customers get the coverage they need on their budget. Whether you’re a new driver or have been driving for years, we can help you find the right insurance policy.

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