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Insurance in Largo, Florida

A Legacy in the Largo Business Community, Find Out the Difference of Working with an Independent Insurance Agent at Brown Insurance Services

Largo, FL is a great place to live, work, and play—as the city continues to grow, exciting opportunities arise for residents to buy homes, plant the roots for their families, and start their own business ventures. With these freedoms come a variety of risks that are often unforeseeable, but can incur significant setbacks to the hard work of Largo residents.


Brown Insurance Services takes pride in the responsibility we carry to build the community through sound risk management solutions.  Our insurance options are as diverse as the people we serve in Largo and when you work with us, you can count on a policy that directly addresses your needs at an affordable price.


Area residents have a lot of different options in Largo when it comes to choosing an insurance agent.  As the community expands, however, insurance policies are watered-down and generalized in attempts to apply one-size-fits-all solutions to a product that is only effective when tailored to each and every customer.  Many residents become frustrated when the holes in their policy leave them in a compromising position.


When you join the Brown Insurance Services family, you know that you will work directly with an agent to educate each other and shape a policy around the needs specific to your situation.  As an independent insurance agency, we have the freedom to work in the customer’s best interest, rather than the insurance provider’s—the result is total coverage at an unbeatable price.

Learn about some of our insurance offerings below:

Homeowners and Car Insurance


Step one towards your peace-of-mind is coverage for your home and auto.  As the biggest parts of your day-to-day, people sometimes take these assets for granted and an easy solution from a big-box shop may seem like it makes the most sense.  We encourage our neighbors in Largo seeking homeowners and car insurance to explore new options that are more effective, as well as more efficient than the coverage they have been frustrated with in the past.


Each individual and family is unique, so your coverage must be too.  Your agent at Brown Insurance Services will take the time to personally discuss the aspects of your situation that set you apart from the rest and tailor a policy to effectively address the different risks facing you.


It is often more advantageous for clients in Largo to combine your home and auto insurance in a bundle, ultimately saving you time and money.  Request a quote online to start the process today.

Business Insurance


The foundation of Largo and the force behind its continued growth is the business community that provide great products and services to residents.  As a local business ourselves, Brown Insurance Services knows the unique risks facing your commercial operation that can leave you with crippling fallout if not properly addressed.  From general business insurance coverage to workers compensation, business owners policy (BOP), and commercial property insurance, we host a professional program that addresses the needs of business owners across industries.  Start the conversation today by contacting us online or giving us a call at 800-783-8881—we’ll keep you covered so that you can focus on your business’ success worry-free and continue to drive the Largo community.

 Life Insurance


Planning down the road can be difficult and when not properly addressed, can lead to inadequate coverage or unfair prices.  While we cannot predict the future, Brown Insurance Services can allow you peace-of-mind, no matter what lays ahead.  Our life insurance program in Largo is something we take seriously and make sure our agents are well-equipped to learn your story and shape a policy around you.  From term life insurance to individual and group policies, our catalog of carriers has the selection to provide you total coverage at an affordable price.  To request a life insurance quote, click here to contact us online so we can get in touch.  You can also give us a call at 800-783-8881.

In the Community

Being a part of Largo, Florida takes more than just running your business.  The team at Brown Insurance Services takes pride in being active members throughout the area.  From a partnership with the Children's Dream Fund to sponsorship of local sports and dedication to maintaining the beauty of our environment, we are constantly seeking ways to build up the community outside of the office.  For details, check out the links below:

How We Operate

The most effective insurance agency is built on a history of success—Brown Insurance Services is proud of the reputation we have earned and continued to build since 1975.  With time comes an immense pool of knowledge that each of our experienced agents bring to the table, allowing our agency to shine as Largo, Florida’s go-to agency for sound risk management.


Insurance is a hands-on product and all too often, a personal relationship with your agent falls to the wayside.  When you decide to work with Brown Insurance Services, you make the decision to engage in an ongoing dialogue, rather than a one-and-done product.  As your life changes, we will be there to continually seek answers to new challenges that arise with the ultimate goal of comprehensive coverage at the most favorable price in Largo.


When a claim is filed, we will actively monitor, update, and educate the client on the status, so that you aren’t left to figure things out on your own.  We consistently check up on your coverage so that new ways to secure you and better costs are always on the horizon.  As a result, the Brown Insurance Services family is a long-term membership for our clients.


Residents of Largo are welcome to discover the difference for themselves.  Give us a call at 800-783-8881 or contact us online to begin your conversation with Brown Insurance Services today.


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